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Hi there! My name is

Avadhesh (Av) Mahajan

and I leverage Digital Marketing Technology to
achieve sustainable growth for my valuable clients and me.

About Me

Avadhesh (Av) Mahajan

Avadhesh Mahajan is a seasoned professional with 14+ years of experience in outsourcing, offshore Staffing, and consulting. He excels in digital marketing strategies including SEO, Social Media, PPC, Content Marketing, and Digital Advertising. 

During his tenure as Digital Marketing Manager, he handled and bagged a staggering 150+ projects, created and implemented successful marketing strategies and delivered results.  

He managed senior and junior SEO experts, collaborated with sales teams, and provided valuable consulting services to several firms, both big and small. He also worked in the accounting industry (CPAs, Accountants, Accounting Vendors) for over 3 years and specialized in offshore remote staffing and lead generation through email marketing and LinkedIn.  

He is an expert in team handling, data research, team collaboration, and video production. Being a visionary, he sensed the growing opportunities presented by the ever-evolving digital world.  

After gathering the required expertise, he decided to go solo and gathered up kindred spirits. The result is Reeva Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency aimed to bring digital prosperity to businesses. 

Outside work, he is a loving husband and is a proud father to 2-year-old Reeva. As an entrepreneur and independent consultant, he continues to make a remarkable impact in various fields. 


Ian Christman

Creative DirectorStaffing and Recruiting in Healthcare, USAAvadhesh is very knowlegable with PPC and search engine optimization. He was an as assett in gaining natural traffic for His additional work with our omniture tracking system was much apprieciated.

Gad Meir Lev

VP Marketing & Sales Medical Enterprise Group, Netherlands Working with Avadhesh was a real.pleasure. Always prompt, keen to help and with a smile.

Jessica Heidari

RE Development - Project Management Property Consultant Firm, USAI have known Avadhesh as someone who never fails to push the boundaries when it comes to achieving the team goals. He identifies the skills of his teammates easily and works along to build strength, induce confidence and always ready to support with the difficult tasks at hand. Always gives credits where it's due and keeps the environment calm in setbacks. He is a good administrator, a team player and maintains a very professional approach to managing work and people doing them.

Alexis Smoody Garcia

Marketing Director Property Development & Management Company, USA Avadhesh’s company is a such great company to work with. They are responsive, effective and professional. They are able to take on large projects and really execute on our goals and timelines as well as help with small requests that come up. They continue to exceed our expectations with quick turn around and excellent customer service!

Andrew Jones

Founder & CEOSoftware IT and Development Company, AustraliaAvadhesh produced fantastic organic Google rankings at very short notice. Avadhesh was very knowledgeable on the keyword research, information architecture, on-page SEO and off-page SEO processes. Avadhesh is a friendly and approachable man of great character. I highly recommend Avadhesh.

Sam Jani

Delivery Head FinTech Company, India Avadhesh is having treamadous Knwoledge of Business and Process and it's Pleasure to work with him. He was senior Member in our Team the most imortant quality which i have observer during my tenure is Very passionate, positve and decent way of taking personlality which i really loved. and he was somebody that i can trusted personality and Look toward guidence and advice. he is alway trying to bring integrity and intelligency while working on any projects. I believe his overall presence had positive impact on company and individual. I would really love to work with him in future if i get chance. Short but Sweet ( Amazing, Inspiring, Efficient) personality that is Called Mr Andy(Avadesh Mahajan) I wish him best luck for his bright future.

Patrina Carey, CHSR

Owner Interior Designer Firm, United Kingdom I had the pleasure of working with Avadhesh on a golf villa change out project. His rendering was spectacular and impressed the owners.

Micky Locey

PresidentMulti-Location Marketing Automation Company, USAAvadhesh and his team are fantastic. They have worked on a couple of jobs for our clients -- and each time the work that has been produced has been of superior quality and has exceeded the expectations of the client. Ava has done a great job of meeting schedule and budget -- and their communication has always been timely. A real joy to work with!

Stepahnie Drake, CMA

Marketing ManagerReal Estate Developer, USAAs a manager of a new construction lease up, we needed images for marketing and advertising. After an extensive search we decided on Yantram Studios. They were able to take architect drawings and create very realistic renderings. Avadesh was involved with the entire process from beginning to end and it was surprisingly easy. Communication was simple and he was available by phone or email. Because of this any question was answered quickly. Work was also completed within the promised time frame. The final renderings were so detailed people thought they were actual photos. They were able to use furniture, artwork, and decor from photos we emailed to their production team. It was such a positive experience working with Av. We only used one of the services Yantram Studios provides, but I can only think the results from the others would be equally impressive. Thank you Av. I hope to work with you again in the future!

Jeffery Niles

CEOBuilding Maintenance & Cleaning Company, USAAvadhesh and his team have been assisting me in the creation of some next level training software. Although the team is half way across the globe, the communication is excellent. He and his team continue to be flexible with my requests and have helped guide my ideas into a reality.

Patrizia A. Salles

OwnerArtist / Entrepreneur, Italy Avadhesh and his team did a wonder job for our real estate client MIRABLEU Residence Hotel, Nevis in creating a virtual tour for the one bedroom residences. Great to work and they made sure we had what we needed, all within budget. Brilliant, made my team look awesome. The group also provided web design and bird's eye view digital concepts. I can definitely recommend Avadhesh as he understands well, your vision in implementing it to completion.

Krish Nair

Founder & CEOSoftware IT and Development Company, IndiaApart from his humble attitude and happy go lucky nature to carry with himself to ease the work and maintain a friendly atmosphere,professionally too Avadhesh has really proved himself as a strong key leader for his SEO team by being utmost passionate, desired and technical aspirant. I recommend him as one of proficient SEO expert and excellent Team lead one growing company can ever have. Wish you all the best mate!

Mansi Parikh

Founder & CEOMarketing Agency, USAAvadhesh is a great business manager and a liaison. His talent is quickly understanding the project and finding a solution. He has both a fantastic technical aptitude and great business sense. I look forward to working with him again.

Francis Aka-eri

PresidentSterile Instrument Systems, USAAvadhesh designed the package of my static soccer board game and I am glad to say that his services was professional and timely. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services. The package he designed can be seen on our web site at: or


What Makes Avadhesh a Great Leader?

Avadhesh is a superb digital marketer, but besides that, he is a great leader too. His passion, commitment, dedication and most importantly, his empathic nature are what set him apart from others.

He is quick with decisions as his digital marketing judgments are mostly bang on. 

Good communication can work wonders for businesses, which is a big reason for his gigantic success. 

He has a knack for talented people and knows how to help them bring out their best. 

His out-of-box thinking is a boon that often provides simple solutions even to most complex problems. 

A problem never appears as a problem to Avadhesh, but as an opportunity and that’s why he can solve them effectively. 


His Defining Attributes

We build tour product from scatch with top most frontend and backend framework. We also focus on native end user experinces, providing full performance on both iOS and android devices

Ethical in Nature

Regards for Fellow Collaborators

Highly Focused and Motivated

Sincere and Committed

Dreamer and Doer

What He Brings to the Plate for Clients?

"Imagine your customer is your best friend—listen to their concerns, be a shoulder to lean on and then shift the focus from what went wrong to how you can help make it right." - Rachel Hogue 


He believes that trust is the foundation of business. So, he takes data privacy seriously and breeds trust among his clients. 

On-time Delivery

Time is of the essence as time is money. That’s why he is very particular about on-time delivery. 


Strong Networking

Strong networking is a boon for digital marketers. So, Avadhesh focuses on growing its network and allowing clients to benefit from the same. 

Sound Knowledge

Knowledge empowers you with the right mindset and tools. Avadhesh’s sound knowledge of the digital marketing world gives him a competitive edge. 

My Three A's

In a world of rat-race, it’s easy to get lost in the maze. To keep myself on track, I adhere to my three A’s that keep my clarity and my foot firm in the ground. 


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