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ACOS to Maximize the Revenue of the USA-based Auto Part Vendor

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Our client is a well-established, USA-based auto-parts vendor, and it was a great opportunity for Reeva Digital to work with them. The main mode of selling was online and the major platforms were eBay and Amazon. The company had 8 eBay and 2 Amazon stores and together, it had approximately 200,000+ SKUs. 

Its chief objective was to control its advertising cost of sales (abbreviated as ACOS) and maximize its ROI. What made this project special was that it gave us an opportunity to play with marketing techniques by implementing our customized digital marketing solutions.



Our client’s website was well-optimized and currently performed well. But the major concern was keeping their ACOS in control as their platform-specific campaigns weren’t cost-efficient.

When the company approached us, its current ACOS was between 40% – 50%. So we faced the challenge of optimizing those campaigns, bringing down their ACOS, and maximizing the ROI.

Our Custom-tailored Solutions

Clearly, our approach was oriented towards niche marketing, PPC campaigns to be more specific. But the foundation of customized solutions is always laid via proper consultation. So our custom-tailored services consisted mainly of:

The Work Process


Our process started with a thorough review of the advertisement dashboard. Our first priority was to analyze and pick out the pain points of the current campaigns so that we can take immediate action on the ones that were using the maximum resources.
With this, we were able to pause the campaigns to stop the bleeding of money. After that, we analyzed the data for all the campaigns and optimized them with the following steps:

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Bid Management & Target Audience Refinement

Performance Analysis & Real-Time Monitoring

ACOS Management


Tools Used

End Results

Our efforts including proper planning, implementation, and execution resulted in noticeable changes. In the very first week, we were able to bring down the ACOS by almost 50%, and by the second week, it stood below 10%.

From there onwards, we kept on managing, maintaining, and optimizing the campaigns and added more based on the new inventory.

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